SM systém cvičení v Běžeckém klubu Brno

Interview with one of our client.

How did you find out about SM System?

I’d had a long-term back problem, seen lots of specialists, and was considering undergoing surgery to fix a double hernia in my lower back, but surgery seemed a drastic option to me.  I decided to spend a few months trying any other options, and one doctor sent me for SM Therapy.  I must admit I was pretty cynical that it would have any significant effect, but in the beginning just the simple stretching of my spine gave me some instant relief from the constant pain I’d been experiencing, so I decided to continue.

And has it cured your back problems?

I still have the herniation, and always will, but through SM therapy I’ve learnt to strengthen my core muscles and how not to put so much unnatural strain on my spine, so now I’m able to move, lift objects, and I’ve even started running again, which a year ago I never would have believed possible.  I also play in a band, and even my bandmates have commented that nowadays I’m mobile again, and I don’t need to ask them to carry my equipment for me – so they’re happy too!

Why did you choose to do your SM System training at BKB?

When I went for my first session with Linda at BKB, it felt like I was doing proper sports training.  I’d tried SM System with some other trainers, but they were either too “medical” for me – in a clinic, with patients recovering from serious injuries – or else they were concentrated on relaxation, which is fine for some people, but not what I was looking for.  I don’t need to listen to mystical relaxing panpipe music while I’m training, and Linda’s approach is practical, professional and scientific.  It also helps me that she speaks English fluently, so I always understand what to do, and how each exercise is working different areas of my body.  

And of course, being part of a running club, it’s motivated me to do more…when I first started at BKB the people there asked me if I wanted to run with them, and I really didn’t believe it was possible for me – but as I’ve felt my back improving I’ve started to feel like I should do more, and being part of BKB has given me the perfect opportunity, so now I’ve joined one of the beginner’s running courses and am slowly gaining fitness.  Like I said, only one year ago I thought I’d never even be able to run for a bus again, so to be pain-free, mobile and actually training is unbelievable!

So would you recommend SM System?

I would, and I already have recommended it to people I know!  It seems like as people start to leave their 30s behind it’s really common to experience back issues, and SM therapy can not only help people avoid those problems, but it can help even people with severe problems to overcome them and live a normal life again…I’m proof of that!

Thanks Paul.


Trápí Vás občas bolavá záda?
Skoncujte s tím jednou pro vždy!

Cvičení je vhodné pro jakoukoliv věkovou skupinu od 5 let do 100 let – děti, ženy, muži, senioři, těhotné, nevrcholoví i vrcholoví sportovci. SM systém je vhodný pro lidi s bolestmi zad nebo pro ty, co chtějí poruchám páteře předejít. Tuto metodu využívá i mnoho vrcholových sportovců jako kondiční trénink s cílem zlepšit sportovní výkon a předejít přetížení a degeneraci páteře a velkých kloubů při sportu.
Nesprávná pozice trupu a pánve při běhu může napáchat veliké a zbytečné škody. Od drobných svalových přetížení a bolestí až po výhřez meziobratlové ploténky anebo artrózy některého z velkých kloubů.


SM systém je:

  • posilovací – posiluje svaly oslabené
  • protahovací – protahuje svaly napjaté a zkrácené
  • mobilizační – obnovuje kloubní pohyblivost
  • stabilizační – dává tělu potřebnou pevnost, zajišťuje stabilitu v době klidu a hlavně v době pohybu (dynamická stabilizace)
  • koordinační – koordinuje vzájemné postavení pohybových segmentů
  • optimalizuje řízení pohybu – procvičuje pohybové stereotypy jako je chůze, běh, práce, sport